Water Damaged Mercedes ECU

One of the most common problems with Mercedes engine computers is that certain models are prone to water damage. The reason for this is due to the location of the ecu by the windshield. As water drains down the windshield it should easily pass through the drain hole with no problem. In most cases this is how it works. But what happens , over time, is the drain hole gets clogged from dirt, debris, and leaves and what ever else.

c240 water

Eventually the brain of the engine aka the ecm is submerged in about an inch of water. Once this happens there is no way to successfully repair it. Water is a circuit boards worst enemy and once the Mercedes ecu has been exposed to water it will have to be replaced. Even if we could repair the visible damage the rust that follows will render the repair useless. Over time there will be more problems that will arise from the water damage. A replacement computer is the safest way to make sure the ecm will not fail again. We used to offer a repair service rather than replacement but what happened was within a matter of months the ecu was returned because the rust would return and destroy circuits and fragile components.

The C240 , E320 and C320 are the most common models that seem to have water problems. Obviously, this could happen to any Mercedes but we see this most often with the C and E class 2001 to 2005.

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