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Order a ML350 electronic control unit at a wholesale price. All of our ML350 ecm, computers are genuine factory OEM ( original equipment). We offer free shipping on all Mercedes partsml350 and every engine computer we ship is flash programmed and ready for immediate installation. Some of the most common part numbers to fail are A2721532691 and A2721535579. To find your oem part number look on the top of the ML350 ecm, there will be a bar code sticker and this is where the factory number is located. To get an immediate price quote simply locate your part number and match it with the correct ecm in the list below.

All of our electronic control units are flash programmed to work with your ML350 ecm key. In order to make this work properly you will be required to send us your original ML350 unit. This is so we can read and transfer all the program information to the new ecu.



ML350 Part numbers

ML350 2003

A1121533879 $675.00


ML350 ECM 2004

A1121533279 $685.00
A1121533879 $675.00
A1121535379 $695.00
A1121535779 $685.00


$100.00 additional programming charge applied to all orders

ML350 Year 2005

A1121533279 $775.00
A1121533879 $765.00
A1121535379 $795.00
A1121535779 $755.00


A2721531779 $1150.00
A2721534779 $1125.00
A2721535579 $1175.00

2007 Ecm

A2721532691 $1185.00
A2721535191 $1195.00
A2721531779 $1175.00
A2721534779 $1165.00
A2721535579 $1165.00

2007 ML350

2008 ML350

A2721531779 $1275.00
A2721534779 $1265.00
A2721535579 $1265.00
A2721532691 $1285.00
A2721535191 $1295.00

2008 ml350 Ecm


A2721532691 $1375.00

2008 ml350 ecu  


ML350 Part number not listed?

If you can't find your ML350, control unit, ME, part number from our catalog please call us at 313-462-0124. There is a good chance we may stock your ecm. Although, it may not be available for purchasing from our web site. All of our Mercedes computers are flash programmed so you will not have to go to a Mercedes dealer. We set up the ecu so that your average mechanic can install it.